Starter Kit - Organic Rye Sourdough (Live Wild Yeast) - Flour + Water Baking
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)
Starter Kit - Organic Rye Sourdough (Live Wild Yeast) - Flour + Water Baking
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)
Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)

Organic RYE - Sourdough Starter Kit (Live Wild Yeast)

Flour + Water Baking
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Rye Sourdough Starter Kit
Wild Yeast with Natural Lactic Acid Bacteria 
comes with detailed instructions and a bread recipe

Best for: classic full flavour sourdough; baguettes; whole wheat/whole grain bread
Flavour profile: ripe grapes, green apple, sweet vinegar, yeasty
Texture: thick paste, similar to peanut butter, airy
Age: 12 years (est. 2012)
What's included:
50g+ sourdough starter in a bag, printed instructions, printed bread recipe, ongoing online support
Feed within: 2 weeks if stored in ambient temperature; 4 weeks if refrigerated. Best to feed ASAP after arrival.
Notes: We feed our starters every second or third day. On each bag there is a date of packing so that you know it's fresh. The lactic acid bacteria lower the pH and are natural preservatives. Starters always survive in mail.

Product Description:

Re-born in Australia in 2014, and originating from Poland, this live starter culture has been maintained with the best quality organic whole rye flour from Wholegrain Milling in Gunnedah, NSW, Australia. It has a peanut butter texture, an appealing light brown colour, and a very distinct fruity flavour profile.

This kit contains a live whole rye sourdough starter that has been allowed 24-48 hrs fermentation (or until it has ripened) in our bulk container, and then has been transferred into a clean zip-lock bag, with all the air removed/pressed.

Works best for traditional rustic loaves of sourdough and baguettes. Add up to 15-20% directly in your recipe, or prepare a leaven first for extra activity (recommended). The starter often doubles or triples its volume within hours after feeding. Ready to use within 24-48 hrs after first feeding.

This starter is a genuine product that we use ourselves. The kit comes with printed maintenance instructions and our favourite sourdough step-by-step bread recipe. You can pin them on your fridge for easy access.

For extra support, we recommend browsing online and reading a few articles on sourdough baking. Watch Youtube videos on kneading, stretching, folding, and shaping techniques. Read a good book, like Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson, or Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman.

What's included in the kit:

  • Zip-lock bag with 50g live rye starter

  • Detailed Sourdough Starter Maintenance Instructions

  • Our Best Sourdough Recipe

  • Ongoing Support

Need a jar for your starter? Why not upgrading to the Sourdough Starter Bread Set that comes with a spatula, too!

Need something for measuring the flour? Try our quality Natural Bamboo Round Scoop


First Feeding

  • Clean and weigh an empty jar. Note its weight on the bottom.

  • Cut one corner of the bag and squeeze out the contents into the jar.

  • Mix with equal amounts of good quality whole rye flour and lukewarm water (1 : 1 :1 ratio). Use only rye flour to maintain pure culture. You may use slighly less water depending on the flour brand.

  • Example: If you recovered 50g of starter, feed it with 50g of flour and 50g of water. You should then have about 150g available in total.

  • Stir vigorously so that there are no dry lumps of flour and set aside in room temperature for 8 - 24 hours.

  • Starter is revived once the first signs of fermentation are evident (bubbles) and the volume increases 1.5 - 3x. Usually starter will double its volume.

  • Note it may take up to 48 hours to see the first signs. It will take longer in cooler temperatures.

  • Use directly or prepare a leaven first. Leaven allows you to quickly amplify the amount of your starter for a recipe. Refer to our detailed instructions here.

  • Leave on a kitchen bench for a few days until next feeding, or store in the fridge for up to 4 weeks. Make sure to allow it to warm up and feed before using in any recipe, as it needs to regain activity.


  • Prepare a separate container (a small bowl, a jar, etc) and add a large spoon of your ripe starter (about 40g). It is now also a good opportunity to replenish your mother starter.

  • Add baker's flour and lukewarm water in 1-2-2 ratio (or higher) and mix thoroughly. We add baker's flour (wheat) as all leaven will end up in a recipe which usually calls for baker's flour. However, you can mix flour types as you like, and it will still work.

  • Example: if you had 40g of ripe starter, add 80g of baker's flour and 80g of water. This will yield around 200g which will be more than enough for most recipes.

  • We recommend using around 15-20% leaven in any given recipe as compared to the total amount of flour. 

  • Example: if you're using 1000g of flour in total, leaven content should be 150-200g.

Shipping Notes:

  • To avoid disappointment with delayed deliveries, we recommend upgrading to a tracked delivery service.

  • Regular untracked letters may take longer to arrive (4-10+ business days).

  • We offer $3.95 Untracked Shipping (up to 2 starter kits), or you can upgrade to Tracked Shipping for $6.50 (unlimited kits).

  • Live starters can easily survive without fresh food up to 2 weeks in mail, then they may get smelly and even mouldy. It doesn't mean they die! Feed immediately upon arrival or store in the fridge until you're ready to feed. Your starter will thank you with active fermentation within hours.

  • If you're ordering the starter as a gift, make sure you time your order accordingly (store the kit in the fridge for up to 3-4 weeks after receiving).

  • A dehydrated version may be a better fit if you need more time and flexibility, please check our other listing

Please refer to our Starter Maintenance Instructions for more information

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