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The Flour + Water Baking journey commenced in 2017 when I delved into the art of bread baking, establishing my own rye starter from scratch. Within a mere seven days, I successfully crafted a near-perfect sourdough, sparking a newfound passion for exploring diverse techniques and recipes. Rooted in my Polish heritage, bread baking holds profound cultural and culinary significance, inspiring my commitment to this traditional craft.

Fast forward a few years, and I now operate this boutique online store offering essential tools for baking artisan-style sourdough.

I am Wojtek (Voytek), a Polish expat residing in Australia since 2014. My background in microbiology fuels a personal interest in fermentation processes. I brew several batches of hoppy all-grain beer every year and regularly experiment with fermenting fruits, vegetables, and occasionally dairy products. The incorporation of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria in dough fermentation has become a fundamental aspect of my baking at home. Holding an MSc in biotechnology, I leverage this expertise in my professional role within industrial microbiology diagnostics, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and testing laboratories.

Throughout the years, my starters have developed distinctive flavors, and feeding them is proudly integrated into my daily routine. The rye starter traces its roots back to an old Polish starter passed down through my family, while the wheat starter was established here in Sydney using premium organic wheat flours.

Both live and dehydrated versions are available to purchase, alongside maintenance instructions and recipes.

Regularly nourished with the finest Australian-produced flours, these starters remain active and primed to ferment dough, ultimately yielding another delectable sourdough bread. Anticipate the unique character imparted by wild yeast!

I am committed to delivering quality, care, and distinctive products for everyone's enjoyment. Each item reflects my love for sourdough baking, and I trust they will serve as inspiration for your own culinary explorations.

Happy Baking !

Voytek Sleczek

About us
About us
About us
About us

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Our Online Store offers these essential baking accessories: 


Top it up with our starter maintenance instructions, ready-to-use recipes and support, and you've got everything you need to succeed in baking


organic flour


filtered water


wild yeast cultures

See how our starters grow!

We're thrilled to showcase this captivating timelapse video, revealing the diverse dynamics of our rye starters. Witness how they effortlessly reach the same levels of activity following an overnight fermentation at room temperature.

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