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Flour + Water Baking story began in 2017 when I set up my first rye starter, and managed to bake a near-perfect sourdough with it only 7 days later. This little encouragement has since transformed into a passion for sourdough baking and trying new techniques and recipes. Fast forward a few years, and I run this boutique online store with crafty essential tools for baking that artisan-look sourdough.

My name is Wojtek (Voytek), a Polish expat living in Australia since 2014. I have personal interest in microbiology and all sorts of fermentation processes. I brew a handful of batches of hoppy all-grain beer each year (joined by my wife) and enjoy fermenting fruit and veg, and occasionally dairy products. Wild yeast cultures and lactic acid bacteria fermenting a dough are very much a part of it! And so I do bake at home a fair bit. I hold MSc in biotechnology, which helps me in my daily job, working in industrial microbiology diagnostics (with pharmaceuticals companies and testing laboratories).

Over years, my starters have developed unique flavours and I'm proudly maintaining them as part of my daily routine. The rye starter is an off-shoot of an old Polish starter that I sourced from my family many years ago. The wheat starter was set up here in Sydney using premium organic wheat flours.  There is now also a whole-wheat starter available that has perfect characteristics of the two. I have live and dehydrated versions on offer.

All starters are fed regularly with the finest quality flours from Australian producers. They are always active and ready to ferment a dough that will become another delicious sourdough bread. Brace yourself for for some wild yeast!

I believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Each product represents what I love about sourdough baking. I hope they’ll inspire you too.

About us
About us

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Our Online Store offers these essential baking accessories: 


Top it up with our starter maintenance instructions, ready-to-use recipes and support, and you've got everything you need to succeed in baking


organic flour


filtered water


wild yeast cultures

See how our starters grow!

We love how this timelapse video demonstrates different dynamics of these rye starters and they both end up at the same levels and activity after overnight fermentation at room temperature