NO NAME Clean Safety Razor Blades Pack of 5

NO NAME Clean Safety Razor Blades Pack of 5

Flour + Water Baking
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Main features:

  • Quality stainless steel safety razor blades
  • Very thin, flexible blade
  • Clean blade with no logo
  • Each sealed pack comes with 5 razor blades

Size: 5 cm length x 2.7 cm width

Material: stainless steel razor blade

Product Description:

These stainless steel razor blades are very thin and flexible with extremely sharp edges. The blades comes clean without any writings and logos. They are a perfect 'all-rounder' replacement blades for your bread scoring lame (pronounced 'lahm') which is one of the most essential baking tools, allowing bakers to achieve loaves with beautiful scoring pattern and a stunning 'oven spring' of their sourdough.

With a sharp blade and a bit of own imagination you can create amazing designs. These no-name safety razor blades will last you for a long time, maintaining their sharpness and not going rusty.

Refer to our FAQ section for more info on cleaning and storage.